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Elastolan AB - a company presentation

 Business model

By offering a versatile, problem-solving and broad approach to serve the tailored needs of our clients based on constantly updated knowledge of polyurethane , elastomers and rubber, Elastolan  develops, constructs, casts and processes industrial products which satisfy or surpass our clients’ expectations with regards to wear-resistant surfaces, elasticity, colour and appearance of our products.


Elastolan aims to be Scandinavia’s preferred partner by warranting that  our clients, suppliers, competitors and employees are confident of our:

  • Knowledge, problem-solving and compliant approach
  • Credibility, clear communication in-house and externally
  • Versatility
  • Approach to our environmental responsibility
  • Profitability

Besöksadress: Ängsvägen 4, Tierp
Telefon: 0293-12 000
E-post: info@elastolan.se