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General terms

Allmänna avtalsvillkor Elastolan AB has so many others in the manufacturing sector needs to contract for the sale regulate the contractual relationship with the client in a for both buyers and sellers predictable and reasonably related to some general questions. Therefore, we have developed general terms, see the PDF file below, which we intend to apply to future contracts for the sale of our products and services.

Contract terms are intended to apply to both our standard range which is custom made products and work on the property that the Client provides. The conditions includes usual limitations of liability for delay, failure and defective products as well as regulations for special equipment manufacturing, etc. Although clauses relating to intellectual property and dispute management can be found in the usual manner of the General Conditions.

Specific conditions for each contract (eg on quality, quantity, performance, price and time of delivery) is assumed, of course, remains to be determined by individual agreements for each order.

Elastolans General Terms are only in Swedish version

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Elastolan AB

» Download our general terms PDF here (SWE) (PDF)


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