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Welcome to Elastolan

Elastolan was founded in 1974 and its immediate predecessor was one of the first companies started making polyurethane in Sweden.

Elastolan manufactures customer-specific industrial products in polyurethane rubber. Some of our products are rollers, molded components, retreading and stock and wheels. Vulcanised polyurethane rubber is the collective name for rugged, tough and elastic material around the elastic rubber hardness of the area and has a special place.

The main idea of the activities is to maximize the diversity of different qualities, hardness and practical applications as well as in the customer service there with the idea and developing state lair to prototype and production.

We work constantly with the development of both applications and technical applications of our methods, and finishing qualities.

Elastolan has both design and manufacturing under one roof which is a contributory factor to our diverse skills within polyurethane manufacturing.

Welcome to contact us to find out more.

Pierre & Ronnie Smahl


Besöksadress: Ängsvägen 4, Tierp
Telefon: 0293-12 000
E-post: info@elastolan.se